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Many of the women I've been coaching have been feeling the effects of putting themselves on the back-burner.....resulting in stress, overwhelm, and feeling burned out. They are faced with juggling multiple, partner, home, career, extended family, the list goes on. Can you relate??

I created this 21-Page Workbook with you in mind - to provide you a framework to prioritize YOU! We cannot give from an empty cup. And it doesn't always take drastic steps to create amazing's the baby steps that matter most!

Get your free 21-page workbook here filled with worksheets, checklists, tracking logs, and a bonus gratitude log.

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Feeling stir-crazy during this pandemic? Stressed? Or tempted to overindulge in food or alcohol? Dave, Ian, Justin, and I dive deeper into these topics on ways to stay sane and navigate this challenging time.

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Updated: Feb 26, 2020

How do my clients get such radical results? What is NeuroEmotional Technique (NET)? Does it help alleviate trauma? What is the science behind it? And does it really work??⁣ Join me in listening to Dr. Barter's "Fearless Health" podcast where I dive into this topic further and discuss the transformational hope and healing available to those suffering from anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, self-limiting beliefs, and overall stress.

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