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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I anticipate during & after our session(s)?

We will utilize one (or numerous) brain-based techniques during each session that seeks to resolve your specific emotional pain and stressors by working on the sub-cortical (deep primitive part of your brain).  These methods help to create new neural pathways on the subconscious level (the powerhouse...that part of your brain that is in the driver's seat).  This is what creates lasting positive change and freedom in your thoughts, feelings, and's as if we run "software updates" for the mind, body, and spirit!  As a result, you will show up differently, feel differently, and behave a good way.​​Client often report feeling like "a tremendous weight has been lifted" during and/or after a session...other common experiences include deeper insights, feeling a peace wash over, a deep connection to one's inner truth, getting unstuck, increased clarity & confidence, and optimism about moving forward.​


2. Is this therapy?

How is it the same or different?Although I am a licensed clinical counselor, this isn't therapy.  I am not interested in diagnosing you with a mental health disorder (according to the medical model of western medicine).  I am interested in helping you to experience your highest, most expansive self possible by getting clear on what you want and desire and then removing the subconscious roadblocks (a.k.a. your "programs" that you didn't ask for) that are standing in your way of achieving your goals. I have found that traditional talk therapy often falls short in creating lasting change in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors because talking mostly involves your conscious-thinking brain, but it's the SUBCONSCIOUS brain that accounts for over 90% of your behavioral change!  This is why I am most interested in using evidence-based techniques that work on the subconscious often produces results far faster than traditional methods like talk therapy.  These healing sessions are often deeply therapeutic.


3. Can I use my insurance or FSA/HSA?

Healthy Holistics, LLC doesn't bill insurance, as insurance requires a mental health diagnosis. Most FSA/HSA cards are usually accepted; please be sure to consult your provider regarding your benefits.​


4. How do I know if this is right for me?

You have tried traditional methods, but you still feel stuck.You know deep down that there is much more to life.Your emotional freedom is a top priority.Your symptoms are getting in your way.You are looking for a holistic approach.You want to get to the root.You have a growth mindset.You value your time.You want more.​


5. How many sessions should I book with you?

A general rule of thumb is if you have one or two specific stressors that are moderately emotionally painful, you may start with 3 individual sessions or a single 3-hour intensive.  For more than two moderately painful stressors, I recommend 6 individual sessions or two single 3-hour intensives. For a wide range of moderate to severe stressors, I recommend 12 sessions; this package is also great for those who are deeply committed to ongoing healing and transformation.


​6. Where do sessions take place?

All of the brain-based sessions take place virtually via Zoom. The Walk & Talk sessions are only available to local Denver, Colorado clients and take place at a local park in Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, or Golden, Colorado.​



7. What if I still have questions?

Book a consultation call here.

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