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Pete - USA

It went from absolutely necessary to not even enjoyable!
I used to be a daily cannabis user...every day...had to be!  Since we've started this, it's gotten to a point where I don't even want to anymore.  Just like that (in 2 months) it went from absolutely necessary to not even enjoyable.

Pete - USA

I was so anxious I couldn't go shopping.
I was taking different medications to counteract the other medications I was taking (for anxiety, depression, PTSD, insomnia).  I was so anxious I couldn't go shopping...I didn't want to go anywhere.  I was able to use cannabis to become a calmer person, When you and I started doing this, there was not a conscious decision to eliminate cannabis from my life...slowly I stopped needing that tool to get by. I was very fortunate that I found a way out.   

Wendy - Colorado

I feel lighter and more at peace!
Now it feels like it (peace) is following me around.....instead of me trying to find it, it's finding me..

Emma - Edinburg, Scotland

I feel liberated after just one session!
I felt like I gained more from her than I had with any other counselor or therapist or anything I had had in the past. She really made me feel at ease and completely comfortable. I felt liberated after our session together.  I would 100% recommend her!

TC - Bay Area, CA

Working with Laurie is one of the best things I have ever done for myself!
I was skeptical at first; I didn't want to try something that wasn't gonna work again. She quickly identified challenges in my life with precision.  She gets to the heart of things in a matter of minutes.  I felt so much relief in my body and received so many breakthroughs in just 6 sessions.    

Carla - Scotland

My whole perspective on her profession has changed!
I never considered the holistic approach to healing. She made me feel so comfortable to say deeply personal things that I hadn’t even admitted to myself. My whole perspective on her profession has completely changed after just one session.

Anina - Switzerland

I didn't believe in alternative medicine.
Usually I don’t believe in alternative medicine, but I have to admit I’m impressed. I had digestive issues, and Laurie found some emotional blockages in my intestines. My digestion problem was gone the next day! It was a truly amazing experience!

Jennifer M. - Virginia, MN

No more guilt!
The phone calls with Laurie were wonderful!  Through my sessions with her, I feel that I have moved to a new “level” in my own healing and self-care.  Looking back, I feel I have become much more aware of myself.  I have been able to focus on improving my own life, without feeling guilty for doing so.  I have found improvement in my relationship with my significant other through redirecting my attention back onto myself.  I highly recommend these amazing sessions!

Avery - age 3

Young girl was chronically constipated for many months. 
After just one session with Laurie, she began to have regular, daily bowel movements the very next day.  This video shows Avery practicing a tool that Laurie taught her to reduce stress.
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