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Are you a coach, healer or licensed professional who wants a fast, simple, effective tool to help your clients experience lasting


Then this is for you!

The Feel Better Fast Technique™ is a groundbreaking approach to emotional healing, designed to support coaches, healers, and licensed professionals in helping their clients experience profound and lasting transformation. This technique can be easily integrated with the tools and techniques you already use in your practice! Whether you only

have a few minutes with your clients or have an hour, the Feel Better Fast Technique™ will help you to guide your clients in uncovering, healing, and rewiring subconscious, emotional neural networks so that they can experience lasting freedom! With a focus on emotional safety, gentleness, and effectiveness, this holistic technique empowers individuals to release emotional blocks, heal past traumas, and create positive change in their lives. 

Learn the Feel Better Fast Technique™ in LESS THAN A DAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add this tool to my practice?

Over 90% of unwanted behavior is driven by the subconscious (emotions, beliefs, mental constructs, etc.). This technique helps you to help your client get to the subconscious root of their unwanted feelings and behaviors. And rather than rehash (and thus, “re-trigger”) a stress pattern over and over again by talking about it, the Feel Better Fast Technique™ actually works on the physiological level to “rewire” neural pathways. Your clients/patients can experience emotional freedom in as little as a few minutes!

What is unique about this training? 

This is a SIMPLE technique….meaning that it is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to implement. It doesn’t have a bunch of complicated steps that takes you months to master. Previous attendees have really appreciated the simplicity of this technique and began implementing it immediately with their clients/patients. And despite its simplicity, it’s incredibly powerful, effective, and long-lasting. It can also be integrated well with other tools, techniques, and modalities that you currently enjoy using in your practice. You will learn everything you need to know to get started in less than a day! The online training includes background on how and why the Feel Better Fast Technique™ was developed, why it is effective, the sequential steps of implementing it with your clients/patients, client demonstrations, and FAQs. Handouts will also be included.​ Click on "register" button to see the list of handouts included.

Can I still use the Feel Better Fast Technique™ with virtual clients?

Absolutely! In fact, some practitioners use the Feel Better Fast Technique™ exclusively in an all-virtual practice, including video and phone sessions. Of course, this technique can also be used with clients/patients in person as well.

Will the Feel Better Fast Technique™ help my clients/patients who struggle with physical pain?

Although we make no guarantees, the emotional component to physical symptomology is one of the most overlooked contributors to physical pain. Countless people have experienced a reduction in unwanted physical symptoms (and sometimes the complete elimination of them) as a result of healing emotions linked to their symptoms with the Feel Better Fast Technique™. Some of the symptoms include (but not limited to): headaches, back aches, knee pain, neck pain, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, stomach aches, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, skin rashes, allergies, the list goes on and on.

How Will I Access This Training?

All of the course content is available in the course portal hosted on Stan Store. Please double check the email you have entered upon registering. You will obtain access immediately after registering. Please check your spam folder in your email if you don't see your login details immediately.

What are the benefits that my clients/patients can expect when incorporating the

Feel Better Fast Technique™?

The most common response after a session is, “I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted” or “I feel lighter”. They will often experience a decrease in fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, worry, fear, dread, sadness, loneliness, low self-esteem, confusion, shame, anger, resentment, grief, and overall physical and emotional pain. They often experience an increase in clarity, determination, insight, physical and mental energy, self-esteem, confidence, and optimism. They may also experience a deeper connection with their minds and bodies, including the mind-body connection, as well as a better connection to their emotions.

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