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Nature-Based Walk & Talk

An Alternative to Traditional Therapy
(Colorado Locations: West Denver, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada)

If you're feeling stuck, but dread the thought of sitting on a sofa for an hour, consider Walk & Talk!

We'll meet at a local walking trail, walk at your pace, breathe in fresh air, get in a bunch of steps, and

problem-solves solution to help you feel better fast!

This can be particularly beneficial for you if you already enjoy the outdoors, want to increase exercise &

movement, don't particularly care for face-to-face sitting, and/or want to move forward in any area of

your life with less stress!


  •  Walk and Talk improves mood and reduces stress

  •  Nature Walks increase physical activity and improves physical health

  •  Walking in nature enhances creativity and problem solving

  •  "Nature Therapy" increases attention and concentration

  •  Mental Health Walks improve communication and self-expression

  •   Therapeutic Walks provide a greater sense of empowerment and control

  •  Walk and Talk enhances mindfulness and presence in the moment

  • Walking outside improves relationship with nature and helps you to feel grounded

  • Bilateral stimulation of walking increases self-awareness, clarity, and insight

  • Walking expands self-confidence and increases inspiration


1.) Where do you meet with clients?

West Denver area including Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Arvada


2.) What about confidentiality? How do you maintain my privacy?

Your privacy is always top priority. We discuss in advance best practices in case you run into
somebody you know. We also tend to choose trails that are known to be less populated.


3.) How should I dress?

Dress comfortably! And dress for the weather.


4.) What happens if there are extreme weather conditions?

In the case of extreme weather, we can schedule a virtual session instead.


5.) Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, but most FSA/HSA cards are accepted.


6.) What types of symptoms can you help me address on Walk & Talks?

If you are experiencing stress of any kind, this is a great option to reduce it. Stressors may include (but are not limited to): anxiety, grief, codependency, difficulty setting boundaries, low self-confidence, overwhelm, lack of clarity, relationship difficulties, and much more. Walking & Talking provides bilateral stimulation, which fosters deeper insight, clarity, and perspective; that coupled with nature coupled with my knack for asking pointed questions to help you tap into your inner knowing often leaves clients feeling much more confident and determined with a plan of action after sessions. Bonus: get in an average of 5,000 steps!


7.) What do you specialize in?

I work extensively with stress and helping you feel better fast! I will teach you additional tools that work on the subconscious level that help radically reduce stress. Clients often notice increased energy & confidence, a deeper sense of peace & freedom, and a better sense of clarity & direction. I also have a number of stress tools that I will share with you along the way to help with things like sleep, focus, emotional regulation, tapping into your intuition, and calming your nervous system.


8.) What is the price per session?

$175 per session or $625/month

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