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Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

A sure way to lighten your mood and lift your spirits is to surround yourself with some silliness.

They say laughter is the best medicine, and I think there's a lot of truth to that. When we laugh, we get out of our heads; we cannot be joyful and worried at the same time in the same why not do something that makes you laugh for awhile?

Add Goat Yoga to your bucket list....

Anytime I've seen videos of these playful creatures, it just made me crack up....they are so silly! Today I tried goat yoga for the first time....okay, sure, they occasionally poo while they're running and jumping around (they're animals), but they are definitely some fun ones to hang around....jumping on your back, walking under your arms while in downward dog, strutting without a care in the world. We could really learn a thing or two from them.

What brings out your inner playfulness?

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