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Reduce Physical & Emotional Pain Fast

Did you know that emotions are physiological


Sometimes unwanted emotions become stuck in the body and can show up in our lives as unwanted behaviors such as:

- overeating

- overreacting (getting "triggered")

- putting others before yourself

- treating yourself or others poorly

- getting in your own way

- holding a grudge

- failure to reach your goals

Those stuck emotions can also lead to unwanted feelings such as:

- anxiety

- lack of self-confidence

- guilt/shame

- frustration

- sadness

- hopelessness

- regret

Those unresolved emotions often create stress patterns in the body and can contribute to:

- back pain

- insomnia

- digestive problems

- aches & pains

- illness

- suppressed immune system

- disease

Healthy Holistics provides cutting-edge solutions to help you feel better FAST!



Laurie Holland Nessland

Laurie Holland Nessland is one of the most qualified professionals who’s ready to provide the best up-to-date holistic treatments available. 

She specializes in REDUCING STRESS FAST!

Laurie is the developer of the Feel Better Fast Technique™!

The advanced, cutting-edge modalities that she utilizes allow her to quickly get to the root of unwanted behaviors, feelings, and physical and emotional symptoms, thus alleviating distress, often significantly.  

Laurie has helped numerous people overcome and seek relief from the following:

- anxiety

- chronic pain

- physical & emotional trauma

- codependency

- grief / loss

- physical ailments (i.e. constipation, digestive issues, unexplained aches/pains)

- financial & relationship difficulties

- feeling stuck


Laurie works with the wisdom of the body and subconscious to identify stuck stress patterns (that are causing or contributing to unwanted symptoms) and then getting them out of the body safely, effectively, and fast.  Clients often report feeling a tremendous weight lifted afterwards.  Laurie has conducted thousands of treatment sessions to clients worldwide.  Her clients describe her as gentle, intuitive, compassionate, and safe.

Laurie also mentors and teaches other healers, doctors, clinicians, and coaches how to get amazing results with their clients.  

What symptoms do you want to relieve?  Call or email Laurie today for a free consultation.  She provides services to clients around the globe.  For in-person sessions, you may visit her at her office located in Lakewood, Colorado (Denver).

Wendy shares how much this work changed her life....
"I didn't think I'd make it to age 60"