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 REDUCE STRESS FAST and experience greater well-being! If you're struggling with anxiety, stress, or feeling stuck in your personal or professional life, I'm here to help. My approach is rooted in the understanding that true growth and transformation require a HOLISTIC APPROACH that addresses both the mind and body.

By incorporating powerful techniques that honor the MIND-BODY CONNECTION and reprogram the subconscious, I empower you to get unstuck, overcome your challenges, and unlock your FULL POTENTIAL, helping you to cultivate resilience, reduce anxiety, and navigate life's obstacles with greater ease, generally much faster than traditional methods. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic stress, looking to break free from limiting beliefs, or simply striving for greater balance and fulfillment, my personalized services are designed to support you on your journey towards a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER LIFE. 

Get Results Fast!

Laurie's mission is to help you heal from the inside out!  She is one of the most qualified professionals who’s ready to provide the best up-to-date holistic treatments available.


She provides cutting-edge solutions to help you FEEL BETTER FAST!

Her advanced, cutting-edge modalities focus on healing the emotional, subconscious root of your pain to bring you fast and effective relief of unwanted behaviors, feelings, and physical and emotional symptoms, thus alleviating distress, often significantly.  

Laurie has conducted thousands of treatment sessions to clients worldwide.  Clients often report feeling a tremendous weight lifted afterwards.  Her clients describe her as gentle, intuitive, compassionate, and safe.


Laurie Holland Nessland, LPC

Therapist. Coach. Healer.

**Virtual Sessions Available to Clients Worldwide**




Feel Better Fast Technique™




NeuroEmotional Technique


Walk & Talk
Nature-Based Therapy


Half-Day Intensives


Corporate Wellness Workshops

Wendy shares how much this work changed her life....
"I didn't think I'd make it to age 60"
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